Written by Gita Krishna Raj  |  Published in infinithoughts as a series between 2008 & 2015

Hi God! They call me Science
Man believes I’m his baby
Just as you said he would.
‘Eureka’ he screams
When he glimpses Thee
Yet makes it a theory
Filing it under me
Every apple’s fall
Has a place in history
Yet I am called witness
Only when they feel Thee
They thought Thou were energy
Physical things mere mass
Till you made them equate the two
Placing the laurels on me
They believed in particles
And in wave patterns
You showed them they are interchangeable
Now I reign supreme
Uncertainty prompted Quantum theories
Studies in consciousness
Cloning techniques
Technological innovations
Quantum leaps
Travel into space
Atomic energy
Genetic re-engineering
Stem-cell therapy
The list is endless
The potential infinite
Absolute knowledge
They seek from me!
A whirl-wind romance
They have had with me
Little do they realise
I lead them to Thee!
Isn’t it time, father
To make them see
I am Thy child
Every atom holds Thee!
From the Big Bang to the Big Crunch
And the theory of everything
When will they be ready
To see Thy unity?

When science with all its laudable accomplishments met God for a dialogue in my mind’s eye, their discussion went like this…

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