Posted by | October 8, 2017

Cambridge ! A city where the unknown manifests into the known; where visions become reality; aspirations strive for perfection & the divine intervenes for realisation... The birthplace of many a...

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Posted by | May 23, 2011
Take me home…

A peaceful sea the sky stretching high A lovely beach not a soul nearby... The trees are green the waters cool feathers of beauty colorful blooms... Earth is a Paradise...

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Posted by | May 1, 2008
The Land of Eternal Life

My husband Krishnaraj at The Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egypt I was finishing some last minute payment releases, ready to head-off on a 12 days vacation when a friend...

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Posted by | May 10, 2007
The Spirit House

One of the first sights that captivated my mind as I arrived at Phnom Penh, Capital of Cambodia on 3rd July 2006, was a beautiful miniature house placed on a...

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