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Posted by | February 28, 2016
In a state of war

It was time for his prayers. The fakir gently rolled his prayer mat on the curb near the park and kneeled down. Just as he was closing his eyes he...

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Posted by | January 31, 2016
God, is that really you?

I was about seventeen. It was a family wedding and I was incharge of the gifts. Amidst the months of planning, weeks of scheduling, days of preparing and tons of...

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Posted by | December 31, 2015
Polar Opposites

Intellectually we understand that every thing is a pair of opposites - life and death, inside and outside, matter and anti-matter, hot and cold, pain and pleasure. Religion screams -learn...

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Posted by | November 30, 2015

We have just begun a new phase - expanding in big ways, spreading our wings across the globe. As we stepped forward paving the way for exponential growth and service,...

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Posted by | August 31, 2015
The ‘Actual’ self & the ‘Ideal’ self

Children cannot understand the difference between their ‘actual’ self - who they are and their ‘ideal’ self - who they want to be. My cousin, then aged 3, believed that...

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Posted by | June 30, 2015
Hypothetically Speaking…

Suppose I was a monkey… may be I am! But I think I am a human. Irrespective of whether I am a human or not, because I think I am...

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Posted by | May 31, 2015
The Becoming…

It was August 27th 2012… Standing on the banks of the Ganges at the Ramakrishna math Belur, I whispered a prayer to my God - “In gratitude for this day......

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Posted by | April 30, 2015
Ashamed or Guilty?

I was in two minds. One said I had betrayed my parents’ faith. The other said I simply don’t care. I was nine years old, attending the fifth grade in...

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Posted by | February 28, 2015
The Perfectionist

  I am a perfectionist. I like things done a specific way and am not too enamoured if it is left half undone. It bothers me - I mean -...

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Posted by | January 31, 2015
The Predator

I could see her grazing peacefully. She had come away from her group, not too far away but enough for me to handle separately. I moved – just an inch....

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