The Parallel Lines

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Seldom comes a soul who lives for others! Mahatria Ra‘s unique method of blending spiritual seeking with materialistic ambition is changing the way spirituality is experienced. He is uniting a world that has been divided in the name of God and religion, through ‘Faith’ and ‘Love’. Endowed with a deep connectivity to existence and enormous spiritual strength, He guides people to discover and deepen their faith. He has brought meditation to the common man, and in His presence, thousands have experienced the depths of silence. Mahatria is a constant revelation unto himself as well as life. He is a path breaker and thus a path finder. He is the Diviner of the pathinfinitheism…

The question ‘What came before the Big Bang’ has been asked by many, theorised by a some and experientially realised by very few. Here is an insightful talk byMahatriaon what came before the Big Bang… 

It seems everything that’s happening in life is just random. However, there is an order to this randomness, there is an order to this chaos. One of the aspects of spiritual evolution is to recognise the spiritual side of an existential hierarchy that  supersedes  all man-made hierarchy. Watch this talk byMahatria on Why we need Spiritual evolution.

Humanity at once seem to be spiritually united and yet have very divergent paths and expectations. Are we searching for a universal identity where none exists? Or are we relinquishing our birthright of being unique? Watch this talk byMahatriato find answers…

Poster presented by Gita Krishna Rajat the Science and Non-Duality conference

(San Jose, 20th October 2017)



Imagine a railway track where the two parallel tracks never meet. And yet they are so entwined that they always exist together – never the one without the other. This has always been my idea of time and space. I am no scientist or philosopher. Yet my mere presence here (wherever that might be) gives me the right to talk about time and space!

In early 2003, in the presence of my revered Guru Mahatria attending my very first meditation retreat, a revelation carried me into a trance ‘Time is dynamic and space is static on the physical plane. Time is static and space is dynamic on the spiritual plane.’ What does that even mean? Thus began my tryst with time – exploring, questioning, trying to understand.

My sense of identity begins with my body – an entity limited by space. Every experience I encounter in my lifetime, is viewed through the spectacles of being this limited person ‘Gita’ living in a relative world. Each individual on earth, is similarly limited by space, divided by form, to experience life relatively from a single unique view point. Bound into a limited space, experiencing this lifetime, Space is static – divided by form, while time provides the dynamism for growth in the physical plane.

When I actively sit in the process of meditation, my time becomes ‘static’ – I have no consciousness of whether a moment or an eon has passed. Yet in my mind’s eye, my body is no longer a prison to restrict ‘me’. Awareness expands into various planes of consciousness bringing in dynamism allowing me to roam across spaces without boundaries – a conscious quantum entanglement without spacial division between a ‘you’ and a ‘I’. All of space – all those sub-divisions, each of those labels become available to the human spec of space through the expansion of consciousness. On the spiritual plane, time becomes irrelevant – static, and space called ‘me’ becomes dynamic – negating all divisions.

The humongous efforts and time lapsed in civilisation, culminates so easily as the starting block for a meditator. As the mind expands – my world begins to expand beyond this limited space called ‘Gita’  to include the family, society, country, humanity, planet Earth, the Universe. Every thing can be internalised within a fraction of the time it took another to actually execute. 

Space no longer is ‘static’ and divided by form.

In the consciously entangled universe, your insights now flow through me.

On the physical plane, the relationship between time and space is the distance travelled, quantified by the speed of movement. The speed of any movement here is sequential – you have to progress step by step to arrive at the destination. Bound in space, pressured by a ‘lifetime’, humanity strives for efficiency in doing – speed of movement.

On the spiritual plane, the relationship between space and time is the quantum of awareness & understanding, quantified by the speed of process. It’s like passing through a wormhole – teleportation not of the body but of the mind – a strobe light effect that negates the need for sequence yet provides absolute clarity on the illuminated frame! Moment or an eon in time, free in the vastness of conscious space, spiritualists become efficient in understanding – the speed of processing!

Dancing, celebrating in the physical plane exploring the vagaries of space, deeper and deeper I travelled sitting in the process of meditation. Intellectual answers validated the revelation – an article by Craig Callandar ‘Is Time an Illusion’ published in the Scientific American (India) in June 2010 made my soul dance. And a question arose – do these lines ever meet and merge?

The merging of space and time, the ‘point/moment’ of SILENCE (I cannot called it the point or the moment for neither exist), is not embedded in a sequential process for universal applicability. If indeed, non-duality is the ultimate state achievable by an individual (limited by space) at a definite point in time (again specific time), why didn’t the first enlightened soul to realise ‘Advaita’ (non-duality) automatically ensure every other atom felt the same?

Without space there is no time. Without time there is no space. In silence neither exist.

To Giordano Bruno (Dominican Monk of Naples), the Universe was not cramped  and limited – he didn’t need to see with his eyes or travel to the edge to ‘know’.

For Srinivasa Ramanujan (the man who knew infinity), his equations and theorems were not sequentially deduced from the known, but intuitively known from the unknown!

Every experience to every individual on the spiritual path is sacred, unique and inexplicable. They may appear to be be milestones on the spiritual journey, though I haven’t the faintest idea which direction they traverse. Experiences are to the individual – I can never see through your eyes!

Every spiritual expression – energy surges to out of body experiences, altered states of consciousness, trance, revelations, energy field, premonitions, intuitions – however exhilarating and evolving each may be, none of these are the final destination – not even a resting spot!Knowing is Truth and Truth is Universal !

Experiencing SILENCE is a ‘happening’.

In the presence of one who is in SILENCE, the awaiting witnessing consciousness is magnetised . The meditator consciously entangles with the knower of silence and gets dissolved into that SILENCE. The two lines merge. That state of Non-duality – no space or time happens. There is no ‘me’ to witness this entangled universe. But when I return to my relative world as ‘Gita’ the fragrance of that entanglement directs the emergence of my universe.

In 2011, 8 years after my first revelation, my Guru Mahatria led me to experience SILENCE – that unison of time & space, unison of me with the Divine, the merging of the parallel tracks… Nothing has been the same ever since…

Blog Comments

Dear Gita,
First of all, I would like to thank you for attempting to explain this phenomena in words. You have made it much better by sharing the insights of Mahatria through those 3 videos which gave experiences that I will cherish forever.

As Mahatria said, there is too much of accumulation of knowledge in the knowing domain without enough experiences. It is only the experiences that will take us closer to the first FIRST – the ultimate that all of us want to experience. I am sure you presenting this poster at the conference is going to facilitate experiences for the people around to cherish what you enjoyed.

I am so glad there is a medium that you have opened up which is going to help many to travel in this journey of parallel lines only to realise that there is a meeting point which is so divine and the truth beyond comprehension.

Loving the experience. Loving you!
Let this journey take us to what we ought to be…

Thanks Arun!

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