The Inception

One of my all time most favourite movies is Inception. Hats off to Christopher Nolan for presenting such an abstract concept with such creative ingenuity and precision.

Every one plants thoughts into the others. When a Shakuni influences a Duryodhana or a Mandira instigates a Kaikeyi, while the implant is deliberate by the perpetrator, it remains hidden from the victim. The very foundation of Inception for it to work is this need for the thought to be believed to have originated in oneself. The mere acknowledgement that it is from another negates the force of the inception, removing it of all the energy required to materialise.

When the intent is one of manipulation, the perpetrator is more than willing to hide his involvement from the whole idea making the inception very powerful through his abstinence from ownership. But very often, when the perpetrator is looking to implant a positive change, even before the thought manifests, they look for acknowledgment and ownership. They want the world to know that it was ‘their’ idea – in that very instance depleting the mission of its energy for it no longer carries within it the crucial foundation principle of any inception – ‘once implanted, the idea is theirs and thats the only way it manifests!’

Bad is making too much noise and working together because they are not interested in individual ownership of any idea. The collective implant spreads like a virus with no craving for a source. The Good is fighting individually because with each inception made, a powerful need to be acknowledged as the originator deprives the common cause from actualising.

Perhaps this is the very essence of Sanatana Dharma – no individual holds a copyright on life positive, for it defeats the very purpose of living.

Written by Gita Krishna Raj  |  Published in infinithoughts in December 2016

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