You were just an idea…

You were just an idea – not even mine
An idea enshrined by a million hues…

You then became a desire – now born in me
A desire that grew from dream to real

You became my search – a very deep longing
A craving that brought tears every day

You soon became an aspiration – almost an obsession to be
A striving so strong it brought awareness every moment

You became an experience – one that I longed to last forever
An experience that triggered the first of many

Smiling, dancing, shedding tears of ecstasy
From being momentary you are now eternity

The idea, a dream, my search and aspiration
Through experience revealed there is neither You nor a me

Everything is just a ___ that each may choose to complete
For mine I chose KRISHNA, what fills yours will define you!

– Gita Krishnaraj

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