The Beacon Beckons…

‘Come let’s dance’, He gathers me in His arms
Higher, Deeper, He carries me Beyond
Smiling wider than the skies, tears deeper than the ocean,
Spring in every step, twinkle in every breath, in every cell I dance

‘Take the spot light, let others applaud’ – He benevolently calls
‘It’s too Sacred, too Divine’ – I shy from prying eyes
‘Don’t miss yourself, Let the world not miss you’ He whispers aloud
Still not convinced I avoid the thundering arc lights

He knows my heart, every cry & joy, feels every tear & my every smile
‘Forget the world, the vying eyes, forget the unknowing minds;
The beacon within, the one I light, beyond smoke screens beckons bright.
You are my child, in you I reside’ – He knowingly smiles

O God! You have gifted delights man can’t comprehend –
Consciousness, Enlightenment, Silence beyond time…
But above all God, You come knocking, engulfing my life
with precious ‘Bakti’, tears of devotion – & Radiant smiles!

God! How do I even begin to say what you mean to me…

Gita Krishna Raj

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