Hands raised in Prayer

Hands raised in prayer

begging for name & fame

wealth, health & happiness

I am Thy adamant child

demanding in liberty

from my loving parent

Lord, I pray…

Hands raised it stays

No longer seeking glory

on the earthly plane

now searching eternal fame

like a parent renouncing youth

to reap joy in old age

Lord, I pray…

Hands lower like a defeated soldier

project yet an image of royal martyr

No riches for the self seek

only prayers for another

hover like a dutiful wife

– an image of burdening sacrifice

Lord, I pray…

Hands remain by the side

Won’t the divine know whats right?

Why change destiny, make a hue & cry

like a mistress ready to please

making no demands on time

in surrender to fate – destiny mine

Lord, I pray…

My hands rise high, higher than ever before

Give, Lord, bestow whatever Thou choose

rejoicing I receive with arms open wide

No right & wrong, joy or sorrow judge

I am thy beloved, Lord – no fears or demands hold

My hands shall stay high, ready to receive Thee – Always

Lord I pray.

Gita Krishna Raj

Written in July 2007 | Printed in infinithoughts in the September 2015 issue

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