Don’t make God Cry…

Enlightenment is not a single event like opening the bonnet of your head and stuffing everything into it to ensure the entire wisdom of creation remains locked within. It is the process by which you learn to tap into that wisdom anywhere, anytime – you remain essentially empty. An enlightened person therefore has access to all the answers though he himself has no questions for within him the questions and answers have merged in his silence. In that state of merger – that moment of silence neither the observer nor the observed remains.

All of us crave for respect. We believe we deserve others’ respect. Why do we expect that? Because in our minds we have done something that justifies it, qualifies for it. That is why, most people when they do something wrong, immediately feel they deserve to be punished. Respect to others is born out of ‘self-respect’. If an ordinary person can demand such respect, imagine the awe one must feel when they know they are in touch constantly with the divine. It is not an egoistic affair demanding ‘respect’ from the outside world; it becomes an absolutely spiritual necessity to ‘revere’ that flow of divinity.

Imagine you have a target set for your materialistic growth. Having identified your dream, now you begin to make plans to achieve that goal. To an enlightened person too, it is similar. Only it is not a dream – it is a vision. A vision not born out of human intelligence but one that is revealed out of the wisdom of existence. We find it very difficult to let go of even a human materialistic dream. What then to be said of a divine vision that is truly a command from the universe. Knowing that vision, it is impossible not to work towards it for here it is no longer a probability but an assured reality. The vision is already actualised in a different space and time. The enlightened person’s destination is set. It is no longer negotiable. And yet…

Yet human he remains for in the here and now, in the materialistic world he still needs to plan, strategise, execute. Every enlightened soul is still subject to the laws of life. Having experienced the Viswaroopam of Krishna, Arjuna’s destination has been fixed. But his path is still arduous – he still has to fight the battle, handle the emotions, strategise, plan and make use of every available resource to propel him towards that destination. He still feels anger at the loss of his child and revels in the success of his army.  But this is true even for Krishna. He too needs to plan, prod and strategise to lead every Arjuna achieve the divine will. The pains of separation and the bliss of union are a part of Krishna’s life on earth too!

When the destination is pre-defined – a revelation that this is where you have to reach, when the destination is not merely a dream but an actuality in a different space and time, why then a journey? That journey is called life! The journey of an enlightened soul is no less fraught in emotions, trials and tribulations than a less evolved soul. But his redemption is in knowing that every resource that is needed for accomplishing his vision is available to him. It is in knowing that the entire universe has already conspired to make it a reality.

As Mahatria has taught us, the animal in man makes decisions based on pain and pleasure. The human in man takes decision based on right and wrong. When all that is right is pleasurable and all that is wrong is painful, divinity flows through man. To an enlightened soul, his world expands. It is not merely enough that to him personally everything that is right is pleasurable and everything that is wrong is painful. As he carries within him the identity of humanity as a whole, he experiences the pain his disciples experience as they learn to embrace what is right. But that is only in the physical level.

A Guru is not a relationship for outer manifestations. He is a link to that inner divinity we are all struggling to get in touch with. The connect between Guru and sishya happens not by physical proximity or the number of hours spent in studying his teaching. The connect is born out of experiential reality when his teachings are implemented and begin to spread the magic of peace. The guru’s teachings are the same to all. But the connect remains the prerogative of those who experientially validate by implementing his teachings. When that happens, there is no more search for a ‘proof’.

To me my Mahatria is and will always be my inner most, most precious core… deep within me… in a tiny space in my being… untouchable by thoughts, inexplicable in words and unconfined to deeds. A revelation called infinitheism may be beyond our limited scope of understanding; the methodologies adapted may not be in tune with our expectations; the journey may never be something anticipated by many of us. But if that is God’s plan, who are we to question?

You don’t make Him cry

when you lose or fail

He never sheds a tear

when you don’t understand

He isn’t upset or angry

when you keep repeating mistakes.

But when you refuse to even try

that’s when you make God cry!

I will never make God cry.

Written by Gita Krishna Raj  |  Published in infinithoughts in July 2012

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